polish hostage freed in iraq

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    This story won't get as much coverage in US media as the one where she was found limbless with her throat cut.

    Polish hostage freed in Iraq

    A Polish woman who was abducted in Iraq more than three weeks ago has been freed, Polish Prime Minister Marek Belka said on Saturday.

    Teresa Borcz, 54, is married to an Iraqi and has been a resident in Iraq for 30 years.

    She was kidnapped from her home in Baghdad on October 28.

    She had appeared in two video cassettes appealing to the Polish Government to help her and withdraw its troops from Iraq.

    Mrs Borcz said at a news conference in Poland that her captors had treated her well.

    "This was a very happy moment when I was freed," she said.

    "I think I will stay in Poland for the time being.

    "I was treated well and that gave me hope that I'd be freed.

    "I was held in a small, very clean room, newly painted. I was well fed, and I was given plenty of water and toiletries."

    Mrs Borcz refused to comment on the circumstances of her release.


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