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    I'm pleased to report that eBet has had a change of heart with respect to the granting of free convertible notes to certain of its executive officers, who now will have to pay normal retail price (like the rest of us mugs) for any notes they receive. Initially the company had proposed the following distribution that was to be voted on at its next meeting to be held at the Lidcombe Catholic Workman's Club, 24 John Street, Lidcombe, on 4 November at 3pm:

    4,000 notes to Michael Hale (total value $100,000);

    400 notes to Keith Cullen (total value $10,000);

    3200 notes to Jeffrey Zulman (total value $80,000).

    eBet's change of heart was due it seems to a timely realisation that the marketplace no longer will support lashings of extra gravy being dished out to company executives. Quite correct, I say. Well done.

    In any case, the more I examine the Turbo deal, the more I like it. Being able to swallow in one foul swoop its main competitor in the Australian market is a real coup. Sure, existing shareholders will suffer initial dilutionary effects on their holdings, but this will be easily counterbalanced by an ultimately much stronger and more profitable company. A firm with enhanced credibility ready to compete head to head with the very best in its niche area of expertise, both domestically and internationally.

    eBet is truly a company on the road to success, even in the harsh economic times we're now all haplessly enmeshed in, where like it or not only the fittest will survive. Its current low shareprice is almost a joke, given its enormous potential. Make use of it while you can.

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