MBN 0.00% 8.3¢ mirabela nickel limited

points i love

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    1. The company now has plans for the expansion of the mill to 6mt+....within 2 years of commissioning...gotta love the plus....

    2. A "secondary resource" of 118,000+ tonnes of Ni......

    3. Potential underground resource to compliment the secondary resource....

    4. Resource target of 185-220mt at 0.55%....thats 1-1.2mt of Ni.....

    5.Smelter from 12% to 50-60%

    6.Then there is Serra Azul (400m away), Palestina (25km away)

    And as a conclusion.....Santa Rita now has the worlds third largest sulphide reserve

    This thing is the next PNA - put it in the bottom drawer and forget about it.


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