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    The POG seems to be defying the seasonal tendency to have a correction.Well I guess it has tried over the last few weeks but the buyers keep buying the dips.

    With the PPI figures out in the US last night and the Euro now at 1.50,oil almost $100,and a lot of the commodities having big moves over the last 3-4 months inflation is really starting to rear its head.This is why the POG is bucking the seasonal trend.Who nows maybe we won't have much of a pullback till we get to that magical $1000 mark.Your guess is as good as mine.The fundamentals are certainly dictating a sustained rise in the POG.How far it goes is an interesting question and probably USD$1500 is not out of the equation.Whatever it does more than likely it will be in tandem with IGR's move into production which should see the SP well north of where it is now.

    Lets hope we can continue with good assay results over the next few months so the SP can move to new highs.The SP has been going sideways for quite a while now so when the next move happens(hopefully up!) it should be quite a substantial one.If you look at the weekly chart and you take away the spike to 64.5c its formed a bullish flag pattern.If you take the move from 15c to 56c then from say a breakout at around 48-50c you could expect to see about 85c to $1 maybe in the next couple of months.

    I rang the company to try and have a chat with CC but they said he's in London doing another presentation.He'll be back next week.Can only be good for IGR as more people see the investment opportunity to invest in an undervalued emerging gold producer.

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