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    I agree with your post but I hardly think there is any reason to panic regarding the gold price.

    Only a few weeks a go the US markets did one of these ballistic maneuvers, gold fell a bit and once the rocket spent it’s fuel returned to earth.

    I find it hard to see a bull market remerge that’s if fundamentals are worth anything.

    Just a guess but I see the US market trading in this range for years.
    New Money going in equals Baby boomers money going out as the company dividends won’t allow them to maintain a life style so capital will be required.

    But I don’t have access to enough data to determine how that flow is going. Saving may exceed withdrawal for some time yet.

    If it was not for the large number of retirees on the way I think Greenspan would have given the market a real lesson in capitalism. Instead some areas were flattened while others are being carefully managed to maintain their value.

    In any case the higher things go the more precious some things become as an alternative.

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