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    Yes it is something like I said yesterday, smaller retail investors started to take some profits, nothing wrong with that!
    then the chartists jump in on this and there are a lot who follow that, and add to the selling the price drop continues, stop losses would have been triggered and possibly margin calls as well, and others just panic thinking the sky is falling?

    Then the shorters jump in to make it look worse than it really is?
    This has happened a few times now, and the shorters know it?
    But all the while they have also been accumulating, much more than what they have spent on shorting and I suspect they are a group who are working in unison together to lessen their short losses spread across them, they are prepared to take a small loss to accumulate a great deal more at a lower price, in the past PNV management have stepped in, some buying on market which helps the SP recover, it then becomes a whip saw arrangement where the SP drops and then gains again in a short space of time, the accumulators know this too, and are waiting for this recovery, but I suspect that PNV are awake up to this fact too now? so we may not get another announcement for a little while, especially one to help the SP recover, the shorters/accumulators would be sitting on some losses now that will occur at this time, but their profits from accumulating a great deal of shares will far outweigh that if the SP recovers quickly? they have come to see that PNV in the past has supported the SP with releases, perhaps not this time though because the penny has dropped I reckon?
    If they have to sit on these losses for some time and don't get the quick SP recovery in quick time, then their dollar cost averaging blows out these costs over time, and it will hurt them, they wont sell the shares they have accumulated and those people who are trying to time the market may be waiting for some time to buy back in because the shares they think they can get are just not there in the volume they think, I doubt there will be enough shares available for them all to get back in when the rush starts because the shares that have been accumulated will not be back on the market until the shorters/accumulators see the profits they are expecting, so this may mean that it might be a while for the recovery that will eventually come over time. but just not as quick this time around like they expect?

    It's been a game to them that they have played many times, perhaps another wait like we had like last time for the SP to recover won't be a bad thing really?
    It wont make any difference to the SP in the long haul, those who hold will be rewarded including the shorters/accumulators dammit, but for them it will take longer than they expect and their money is tied up for some time so they can't do the same thing again and again to different companies, in and out quickly is their game for a quick profit, the longer it takes hurts them.
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