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    Hey Guys

    I just watched on Mr Promnitz's presentation back in July and I have to say I am very excited at this massive gold resource which already sits at 1.9million ounces of gold - and calculated at 2 million ounces when the price of gold was $300 per ounce.

    In the presentation he states that the Canadian National Instrument 43-101 1.9million ounce resource will be completed and the official ASX JORC compliant reserves will be announced in 3 months time.

    3 months from mid July would make it mid October. Since we haven't had any news to the contrary, would it be safe to assume an official ASX Recognised JORC Gold Resource at the highly anticipated $1500 per ounce gold price will be announced in the next fortnight?

    We can't be far off this milestone announcement!


    Cheers Nectar
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