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PMY and the Gold Standard, expand your thinking

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    I posted this on the PMY page and a reader suggested I post it here. It really is an encouragement to those with an interest in precious metals to expand their thinking. PMY - What reallyexcites me is the silver content in the ore, with economics strong on a leadbase and the evidence all points, in my view, to the global financial system tobe reset to the gold standard during DJT's term. For example,

    · DJT and the Alliance have already put things inplace. For example, on 22 March 2018 HR 5404 was presented to the US House OfRepresentatives. Not yet debated, but it will be when the House is ready (theFISA/Five Eyes Scandal will clean out the House). On 22 March 2019 DJTappointed Steve Moore to the FED. He is a supporter of DJT economic policiesand in favour of the Gold Standard.

    · State after State in the USA is passing laws toallow gold and silver to be used as currency and tax free. Why do this now in2018 and 2019 if not in preparation for something?

    · The format of the Greenback has been changed sothat when the FED is dead (Gold will end the FED - from Qanon on 8ch), theright hand side of the notes which are issued by the TREASURY not the FED, andcovered in Gold and Silver imagery will continue as the currency, the left handside will no longer be relevant. See the Millennium Report article on this.

    · In Australia our currency has been changed and inthe last two years the new currency has been out into circulation. Take a lookat it on the RBA site. See the new notes issued in 2018 and 2019. The oldones said "This NOTE is legal tender throughout Australia and itsTerritories" the new note simply says "LEGAL tender inAustralia". The new note imagery is flooded with Gold and silver. Ourconstitution already allows for gold and silver to be used as currency and thisis the only currency that can be issued by the States. Trading in this currencyis tax free.

    · the landmark publication about the return to theGold Standard written by Harvey Barnard in 1996 was called "Draining theSwamp.....". The policies therein which later found their way into a draftBill titled the NESAR Act, which was never tabled in the House, but sets outthe Barnard proposals is a good guide to what DJT is doing. He is not doing itall at once but over time and the evidence shows this.

    · Shills have tried endlessly to discredit his workso ignore them and look at the content of what he espoused. IMPORTANTLY, MikeRothschild, whose family owns the world's Federal Banks, came out swingingagainst NESARA and Barnard JUST LAST WEEK on 8ch. Why? because DJT is endingthe FED Reserve system and the Rothschild's fortune is inextricably linked toit.

    · That DJT and the Alliance has control of the FED'sis evidenced by interest rates. Economists are scratching their heads as towhy, for example, when the US economy is doing so well, interest rates aregoing down. Things are different this time, hey? Well yes, but not in the wayeconomists imagine. DJT and the Alliance are ending the FED and usury. BOOM.

    · In an endeavour to stabilise the USD as a store ofvalue and control inflation and usury, John F Kennedy issued EO 11110 in 1963and issued silver back dollar bills. After his death these were withdrawn fromcirculation and the FED Reserve system issued notes without real valuebacking...then Nixon...then the rest is history massive debt and massive dollardevaluation. BUT EO 11110 has never been repealed.

    · Have you seen all the stories in the press latelyabout the location of country gold. Australia and Venezuela the latest. Thegold (and silver) must be in the countries possession to issue currency againstit. There are no co-incidences.

    · Have you looked at what countries have been buyinggold in large quantities recently - Russia, Poland etc. Have you looked attheir silver holdings?

    · For those of you interested in this topic - this isonly a fraction of what could be written. But out of interest search all DJTTweets for references to GOLD and SILVER and you will see a pattern. Here is agood one - you can see why I am excited by silver and PMY has good levels ofsilver in its ore, better than G1A.
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