PMH 0.00% 26.0¢ pacmag metals limited

pmh is cheap compare with its peers

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    Early in Jan, Chinese group Jinchuan paid C$214m for Tyler Resources, with its main asset is:

    710mt at 0.4 copper + moly etc at 0.49% , takeover value C$214m

    Another Canadian company Nevada Copper, with property that is close to PMHs, with higher grade copper, but DEEP underground, with total resources:

    781mt at 0.5% copper +gold, etc, market cap at C$150m

    PMH has:

    810mt at 0.4% copper +moly, market cap at less than $40m.


    copper price is at record high,
    PMH is still drilling for higher grade sweet spot,
    Open cut, large tonnage mining has been successful in Northern America, and
    0.4% copper is a bit low, but at current price, it is eqv to 200ppm Uranium.

    We are talking about in ground value equal to 356 million lb of uranium at 200ppm. (It mirrors my view at low grade uranium deposit, some uranium bull does not like it, but it is true)

    Three comparable companies, PMH is valued at less than 20% of takeover value, and about 30% of market value.

    In the past, PMH's Share price is tracking Nevada Copper very closely at about 1:10 ratio, i.e.

    Nevada copper at $3.5, and PMH at 35c. Not anymore.

    Nevada copper at $3.5, and PMH is only at 26c

    Who cares about a junior on ASX anyway?
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