pm admits kelly breached code of conduct

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    Naturally John Howard, this loathsome cockroach of a man who has the morals of snake refuses to acknowledge ministerial responsibility. Another nail in our democratic process but hey, most of you folks on HC voted for this man so enjoy...

    From ABC News site

    PM admits Kelly breached code of conduct
    Prime Minister John Howard admits Veterans Affairs Minister De-Anne Kelly has breached his ministerial code of conduct but says it is not a sackable offence.

    In this afternoon's Question time, Labor again targeted Mrs Kelly's handling of a $300 million regional grants program and the employment of consultant Ken Crooke.

    Mrs Kelly admits Mr Crooke did not declare his private interests, a breach of the code of conduct.

    For the third day running, Labor moved a motion to censure Mrs Kelly, demanding she be sacked.

    Mr Howard says there was a clerical oversight and Mrs Kelly failed to comply with the code.

    But he says it is not a sackable offence.

    "That alone is not, in my view, a sufficient view for the Minister to hand in her commission," Mr Howard said.

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