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    Don’t really want to detract from the main focus now being the uranium but U know we have a primary lead deposit as well.
    “The lead, the lead” I feel like the little fella from Fantasy Island.

    Dance floor now 0.65/lb.
    Anyone watching pb lme inventory levels ????? Dropping like a lead balloon and the spot price is acting accordingly. Strong breakout above usd0.65/lb making multi year highs. Where are we headed???? + $1.00 in my humble opinion. Has been the strongest of all the metals the last 6 months. Only 3 years ago copper was at current levels. Who’s gonna fill the pending supply crunch? And crunch it will be. Very few have been interested in looking for the dirty heavy metal. Average developed world per capita lead consumption is ~4kg. China's is less than 2kg. Now with the Chinese trading in their bicycles for motor vehicles i reckon demand will remain buoyant. The bigger problem is many lead producing mines aka Mt Isa, Broken Hill, Cerro de Pasco, Sullivan, Kidd Creek etc will shut down in the next 5-10 years but where is the supply gonna come from ????? Hahahahahahahah
    Remember that Doe Run was going to inject USD500 million a few years back with their eyes cast firmly and solely on the lead and spot at usd.20/lb.
    With a 4mtpy plant reckon well be producing 300million lbs/pa for +20 years.
    Current world pb consumption is 3mtpy.
    That’s for all the spruikers and downrampers to digest. I’m looking for aud1.00 per share per annum dividends from the lead alone. So are we under priced on hot lead fundamentals alone? U be the judge.

    Thoriel Ng Epsi DiperHut and Co.
    In collaboration with who I wonder u down ramping pre pubescent queens ??????
    250cps ??? Its gonna be a long wait. But then again, after a 4:1 share split at 10???
    Looks like Epsi had the inside running on CMR in 2005 but decided to back the donkey RTM instead. Little bitter and twisted now me thinks calling 20cps.
    I’m all for constructive criticism, constructive however being the operative word.
    And fancy calling Oly a ramper. Go back to his posts dated early 2005 and ill think you’ll find his rhetoric has remained constant. Without his constant ramblings I think many on this ship would have been jettisoned at the second marker buoy. So Oly please keep rambling.

    Uranium: 14 million lbs jorced and a multiple of 10 to come imo. Grigor is a joke. U can justify the current sp on the U alone.

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