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    LEAFCUTTER-1 Well to be Plugged & Abandoned
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    All reported depths are in metres below the Kelly Bushing on the rig floor. Reports will be made on a
    weekly basis (Thursday) or in the case of a material occurrence.
    Period: 24 hrs to 6am on 19/9/03.
    Current Depth: 1330 mKB (Total Depth)
    Progress: Complete wireline logging. Run MDT formation evaluation tool (for
    pressure measurement and fluid samples). Prepare to plug & abandon.
    Forward program: Plug and abandon well.
    Indications: Minor hydrocarbon shows (elevated gas levels) were observed while
    drilling through the Carynginia Formation, Irwin River Coal Measures
    and High Cliff Sandstone. In sandstones in the basal Carynginia
    Formation and upper Irwin River Coal Measures these were
    accompanied by heavier fractions (C4 and C5). Following the wireline
    logging, potential reservoir zones were tested. The Carynginia
    Limestone is gas bearing but too tight to yield any commercial flow. The
    basal Carynginia, the Irwin River Coal Measures and High Cliff
    Sandstones are also tight and contain only residual hydrocarbons.
    Primary and Secondary
    Targets: See above.
    Participants: Bounty Oil & Gas NL 25%
    Hardman Resources Ltd 75%
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