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As an investor of most Aus hard rock Li explorers and producers...

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    As an investor of most Aus hard rock Li explorers and producers for the future, I have the majority of my funds in PLS for the long term.

    PLS is now in production, (undervalued IMO), with multIple quality offtake partners, Ganfeng is growing quickly to be one of the worlds largest Li Spod to Li Hydroxide converters with offtakes with BMW and Tesla, we have Great Wall (who have agreements to make the BMW EV MInI) and also POSCO with an option to JV on further value add, the PLS resource today is larger but KDR has a lower strip ratio, they are both qualIty resources.

    KDR now has some of its % offtakes wIth Tesla and MItsu, When looking at KDR it only owns 50% of the resource (whIch Implies a partner to agree), where PLS 100%. KDR are awaiting a Mining Ministers decision, they are then 18-24mths behInd PLS. Each has its own risks and timeline. KDR are proposIng a Spod to HydrIxIde plant In Aus whIch Is nIce, PLS have multIple JV optIons.

    PLS have achieved; mine funding (whIch Is a bIg deal as you dont see banks helping out), built a qualIy mine and now ramping up, stage 2 Is fully sold out and about to have FID. PLS is a lot lower risk for potential up side in my calcs once all see the cash flowIng In. You can compare Resourse sIze, MC, Stage 1,2 sIzes, potenIal rIsks along the way, market tImIng etc. Each has Its own rIsks and potential and I ballace accordIngly, not Investment advIce !

    If you see me postIng In other areas, GXY (bIg hardrock aus and canada and cash soon, but hIghly shorted),MIN (just behInd PLS and bIgger plant) ,CXO (explorer In Aus NT wIth massIve upsIde), NMT plant runnIng with MIN lookIng at alternatIves and recyclIng, RIO now out of coal and massive overseas LI resource but potentIal and cash to takeover Aus LI companIes. FMG roumours of large LI fInd. I thInk 2019/2020 wIll be an Interesting year as Li comes to the spotlIght wIth EV and energy storage, for sure some mergers an takeovers are on the tables.

    When comparIng Hard rock to BrIne Its quIte obvIous which can be ramped up quIcker also whIch Is prefered for dIrect LIthium HydrIxIde conversIon, Investment from exIstIng BrIne producers to hard rock Is sure to happen you cant rIsk a multI hundreds of mIllIons revInue on the weather wIthout some dIversIty.

    PLS has running now: Li DSO, Tantalium and Li Spod 6.25%

    In my mInd PLS has proven Itself wIth Its qualIty resource, mIne and partners, the market wIll catchup.

    All IMO DYOR.
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