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    Hi HGZone,

    Mate, you have come off the bench and won a few BOG's in the first 4 weeks of your career, I must say. Where were you previously? Every post of yours is an absolute ramp of the attributes of AVB.

    From your Dec 3 post - you seem to know a lot about what is happening and when it will be announced. I cannot see anywhere where the nickel WILL be drilled in January. They talk of Q1. Please can you point out to me where they say late January.

    From you Dec 27 post - again you talk of "new" ground gravity and IP surveys. Where were these previously advised to the market? Or atleast when were they advised they would be finalised? And also, how do you know they are going to give details of the drilling program then?

    You talk of AVB management being so excited. Have you spoken to them? If so can you elaborate?

    I am not trying to rain on your parade, but I look at your posts and see a lot of healthy consideration for the assets they own, but not a lot of taking into cosideration the risks the company has in front of it.

    Somone said on this thread that the company might be worth about $125m - and we are valued at around $11m. IMHO I would say that a 90% discount to valuation would rather accurately value the risk in the projects of AVB.

    I like the look of AVB at the moment but will stay on the sidelines until January sometime. The 1.5cent oppies look quite inviting at this stage as well to me.

    If you can elaborate on the above I would be able to see where you are coming from and understand your posts for what they are worth.

    This is part of my research on AVB.

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