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plenty of newsflow to come

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    Even though we've probably had some weather delays I'm still expecting some positive newsflow over the next couple of weeks!

    To think that we have a strong chance of a producer from the 1st well and pretty soon we will have to drilling rigs on the go at the same time is fantastic! Often in this industry there is too much talk and not enough drilling! These guys are a little behind initial plans but look to be catching up nicely and confidence will be sky high after this 1st well!

    The sell down from the escrowed holders (probably the early seed) continues and personally I see this as a very good buying opportunity!

    For O&G small cap exploreres the business model here looks about as good as it gets! For any who have not read it I strongly suggest a read of the original prospectus and also a flick through the recent presentation.

    My prediction here is $1.00+ by the EOY! Although I'm often wrong of course!

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