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    A summary of todays announcement which is a precursor to much more.

    Several similar untested gravity features in the vicinity of the discovery are considered priority drill targets for the upcoming field season.

    The three diamonds have features indicative of gem quality stones.

    Gravity is highly encouraged by the tenor of this early stage success and is designing an exploration programme to follow up and give an initial indication on the potential size of this exciting new diamond discovery.

    Also due out any day are the three lamproite pipes identified in the Blina Diamonds Limited ("Blina") Falcon® Joint Venture area which have been bulk sampled (Diamond Mines Australia Pty Ltd-Blina JV 50/50, Blina managing). The samples from these pipes have now been trucked to Blina's Ellendale 16 site and processing of these samples will commence in the next few days.

    And lets not forget the DRC.
    Gravity Diamonds Limited ("Gravity") is pleased to announce that the first stage of the Kasai Diamond exploration programme in the Democratic Republic of Congo ("DRC") has been successfully completed.
    Samples weighing a total of 8.3 tonnes have been shipped to South Africa for heavy mineral concentration and analysis. The results from the programme are expected in early 2005.

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