Again you have gone off mis-informed. Actblue is an independent...

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    Again you have gone off mis-informed.

    Actblue is an independent organisation set up as conduit for any registered Democrat, Democratic committee, or progressive 501(c)4 nonprofit organization can use our tools. 501(c)3 charities who share our values — including but not limited to women’s rights, LGBTQIA2S+ rights, racial justice, diversity, freedom of speech, and respect for scientific inquiry, discovery, and data — can use AB Charities, the nonprofit arm of the ActBlue family, to raise money.

    They operate much like CrowdFunding or gofundme, for democratic and progressive issues. They don't work for the DNC.

    They do not determine where money goes they merely facilitate our movement.

    So if you want to donate to Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, then the money must go to Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.

    Same goes to for Sanders, your want to donate to Sanders? The money must go to Sanders and not Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation or Biden or whoever.

    For you to imply that money funnelled to Actblue as BLM donations is being sequestered by the DNC, would mean Actblue is in breach of Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). It should be reported and they should be shut down.

    I suspect you have neither the proof or the inclination to take this further and this just shows more proof of how out of your depth on such issues, again.
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