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    Hi Guys,

    As I read through the Annual Returns for 2003, I am once again astounded by the number of executives who are seeking to grant themselves options in my various companies.

    Usually these options have conversion dates and times which are not any incentive to performance and are just a hand out at the shareholders expense.

    As far as I can see, the executives in question are quite well paid for their work and in some cases, considering the lack of results over the last year, could even be overpaid. I certainly do not want to give them some more of my companies for nothing, so in most instances I am sending in my proxy voting against this practice.

    Untill others do likewise, we are condoning their greed.

    So can I ask for some assistance here by keeping the thread alive and supporting one another in this matter.

    The shareholders own the company. The disectors do our bidding and if they don't perform, they answer to us.

    Please send in your proxy and vote against the issue of these very generous option schemes. Directors who want a share of the action can always buy shares and take their chances with the rest of us.
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