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    good morning boys and girls

    may I suggest posters stop using these figures for the CAPEX
    YES STOP !

    numbers like au$2 to 2.5billion
    or even 2.5
    this is simply not true
    not even honest in the smallest way
    (maybe some down ramper/s from china or some where dropped this figure it in your head)
    so why the blo....hell keep using them ?

    the true figure is
    (please read AB's post where he posted that
    +/- 35 % as stated in the report
    from the company was), is

    which is any where......
    YES any where........ (got it boys and girls)
    between only au$ 1.6 and 2.7billion

    and if the finished figure is only
    yes its very possible of course, as the company has stated
    only 1.6, then there will be some silly people out there, surely

    I was thinking something like a possible 5 for the CAPEX
    as I was thinking, this could be, will be another OD starting, right before my eyes
    and therefore was thrilled with the idea of about only half
    I could be very wrong, of course

    ps next time, how about using a Capex figure of 1.6 -2.7
    and keep the game real

    pps, trust I have spoilt the DR'ers game this morning
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