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please. let's not give our company away

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    Back in July 2010 (19th to be exact) SDL's SP dropped to 11.5c. I thought that this was a way over the top over reaction following the tragic death of SDL's executive team. Given that these able gentlemen had already done so much of the hard work to put SDL on the map, I admit that I bought on emotion.

    I suppose the perceived risk in July 2010 was that SDL's success was too bound up with the gentlemen who had lost their lives. I took a punt based on the premise that good executives ensure that companies they manage don't depend entirely on themselves to be successful.

    Now I believe that 50c per share is a ridiculously low price (less that 50c per ton of iron ore in situ). I hope that shareholders agree with this and are not inclined to give their company away.

    IMO we owe it to the founders who no longer have a voice.
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