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please dont feed the trolls

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    Does anyone know why interest in discussing the possibilty of MFS's solvency seems to be continually met with insolvent speculation on MFS threads compared to, for example CNP? I am not one to jump to conspiracy theories about shorters, but the difference is astounding.

    We seem to have more downrampers here than possibly any other stock on discussion, and by downrampers, I don't consider the likes of MJS to be who are clearly objective and bases their perspective on facts as they become available. I mean those who make statements which would suggest MFS is a fantasy that fooled the masses, and they were one of the few who could see through it (this is obviously subjective to MFS's current condition, a month ago you would have been considered to be raving lunatics)

    Or to those that feel the need to provide a moral service by bursting any bubbles of unsupported optomism, WE ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH OF YOU HERE, please go to CNP or another stock which faces bigger problems than MFS and where people can have some hope without being shot down.

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