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please do your own research...

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    In the interests of everyone being informed...

    I feel the following post is appropriate for the CVI threads, as a poster who was suspended for multi-nics today made several misleading posts on these threads.
    I have also posted it in the general forum however, without this prelude, as I feel it is equally important it receives a much wider audience given the relevance to all posters at HotCopper.


    Everyone on the markets, especially in topical stocks like CVI, needs to do their own research...

    Never ever use another's post as a reason to buy or sell.

    Whilst some posters are clearly genuine, there are many that are not...and are here for one single purpose...and that is to prey on others.

    Use HC as a heads up tool only...if you see something that stimulates you...either way...use it as a springboard for your own research.

    Nothing more.

    Today a poster named daveing was suspended for multi nics...he was also sue12.

    The thread discussing this extremely important development has been removed, sadly, I assume at the hands of those who are part of the sue12 "troupe" and wanted evidence removed to avoid embarrassment. They would also probably want to avoid undoing all the groundwork their various nics have done over years of posting and gaining a following.

    In light of the fact today's poster was actually referring to himself (his other nic), with recommendations for others to listen to what he had to say, it underlines in a most obvious way, the agenda of this particular poster and no doubt his entourage of posting mates.

    I raise this issue again from the depths of the moderation bucket for the benefit of all genuine users on the forum...because I think it a very worthwhile exercise for all posters to revisit some of this posters previous posts, especially some of the clearly organised group attacks on others.

    The most colourful example of of the typical modus operandi appears on the GDN threads.

    The agenda was always fairly obvious to the more experienced posters...but perhaps a little less so to the newbies who, ironically, these sinister posters so often claimed to be helping.

    It underlines very clearly the sort of organised posting activities we see on the forums from time to time...and absolute need for everyone to do their own research when it comes to the markets.

    Congratulations must go out to the moderators for really picking up the standard here.

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