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    Let's say I had a 100k in EDE. Let's say there are 10 announcements each year (I don't know, I haven't checked) that might send the SP up 10-15% in no time at all. Let's say I sell half my holding on this good news every time it happens, keeping the other half in the stock just in case there's a great announcement follows the first one just so I don't miss out. Those of us who have been in the stock for a while know that for some time now, after such an announcement, the price will drift down again, and let's say I buy in with my original 50k plus my profit when things settle down again at the lower price. What happens? Hey presto! After a year I have more than doubled that 50k holding!
    Now let's say I have plenty of time to devote to watching this stock and posting about it. I shut up for a while until I've sold my 50k at the higher price, but then I might be inclined to post negative stuff about EDE to speed it's descent to a level I might like to buy in at again and wait for the next good announcement to repeat the whole process... I might even keep going relentlessly just for the hell of it... What delight I would get building up my fortune, especially if I didn't really care too much about how all the other shareholders feel. Oh, and let's say I've a number of different email addresses and there's nothing to stop me doing this with all manner of speculative stocks, and maybe I've a cool million spread across them, I could be making a tidy living.
    I work hard for a living, I don't have the time or fighting fund to do this, to sit at home on the keyboard all day, making sure I strike when the time is right. I have taken a gamble on EDE hoping it will ease me into retirement so I don't have to bust my arse anymore... I'm happy taking that gamble, I've committed what I feel I can afford to it.
    My point is don't give oxygen to those you think may possibly be milking the system like this. Don't even grace the negativity with a response. I think we all know who the realistic posters are, we all want to hear good research whether it puts EDE in a good light or not, and we must all be aware equally that we all sometimes get carried away with optimism and speculation. Unfortunately we have lost a number of good posters within the industry over time, no wonder when they get constantly shot down by keyboard warriors. I await the first shots across my bow!
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