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Play the ball, not the man

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    gday all,

    There seems to be a lot of mistakes, misdirection and mischief being posted here. This will be my one and only rebuttal and I ask you quit interrogating me and look at what is actually unfolding before your eyes.

    1. I am not paid by WUC. So stop suggesting this. I want to not read this lie again.
    2. I have invested in BLR and have lost money in my investment to date. And I want to make back my losses.
    3. At a 100% premium, I am not greedy. Unlike many here. If you want more return on you investment, stay with WUC or move on. But quit whinging. There will not be any higher bid from WUC. We are all tired of mindless and thought bitching and complaining.
    4. I believe George Glasier, a consultant to BLR, and the vendor of ablation into BLR, knows how best to extract and create value. If you do not believe this, sell BLR now. 40 years experience in uranium goes a long way in my mind. Please tell me one person with a better uranium CV. And spell his name correct for f-sakes. GLASIER, not Glasnier. He earned the respect from the uranium market, the least you can do is understand who you are dealing with.
    5. You BLR shareholders that bitch and moan about the premium offered, the number of shares WUC has or the asset comparison, are freaking clueless. You were not buying at ,5 or ,4 or ,3 or even ,2. But yet you have the nerve to complain like a school girl that lost her tuk shop coins. If ,6 is not good enough, why were you not supporting the company at ,3 or ,4? Greedy [email protected] now for a 50-100% return or sell now because you do not understand the story. But understand what is happening here. Engage your brain before engage your mouth.

    I will type this slowly so those that are creating smoke can exhale and read.

    1. If you had called or emailed WUC you would know how and why the placement by if $2.75 happened. I was told the listing price of $3 minus a 10% discount was the placement price. Except the share price moved higher just after listing and the placement price had to be honoured to those already committed. And the delayed announcement was due the Christmas holidays. So legally everyone had to be filled at 2.75 . Hence the reason it was over subscribed. How many complainers here contacted WUC to ask this question? Why didn't you invest in the placement of WUC at 2.75?

    2. The placement clearly says what the proceeds are for. The Sunday Complex is getting ready for production unlike HT. I want brownfield uranium exposure, not unpermitted Pie in the sky dreams. If you want pie in the sky dreams, do not invest in BLR. Because after WUC buys BLR, WUC will go into production.

    3. More shares are BAD! Less shares are GOOD! Why do you think Energy Fuels consolidated? Lots of shares are what got BLR into trouble. If you want 1 billion shares outstanding in WUC-BLR, sell now, because it will not happen. Why do you think Glasier consolidated the shares 1:800 when he listed WUC?What idiot thinks penny stocks sure good and stocks above $5 are bad?

    4. If you want ablation exposure, you own WUC. For those neighsayers, tell me are the Coates involved still? Do I really need to do your work for you? Have you emailed or telephoned the people in the website I provide? I did and I know about the Coates involvement because I DID MY ANALYSIS. And the key word here is DIVERGE. Stop with the noise and sad story nonsense here. It is OVER. The JV Is going to end. If you can not understand the meaning of the word DIVERGE when Haynes spelt it out in the release, you should not be invested in BLR. In fact you should not be involved with the markets, period.

    Do not be lazy and do not make me do your work. People are trying to impunge me but they can not admit when they are wrong. Quite frankly, the pathetic comments here does not deserve any commentary and anyone not supporting the WUC deal should sell now. Because there will not be any other bidder. And whinging like a wounded Pom or Whenwe is unsavory and pathetic.particularly when you do not do any basic analysis.

    Now stop attacking me, and go figure out for yourselves WTF is happening here. Don't complain or cry like a silly corner Trollop that just turned her last trick. You might be most pleasantly surprised and happy with what you find when you do proper investigation in WUC and what is driving it.

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