planning for option trade #2.

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    After my CSLVT position is closed in the near future, i'll be monitoring my basket of 'top shorts' for an opportunity to enter another put position at some time in the near future --- for option trade # 2.

    The basket at the moment is very small -- infact there are no stocks in the basket.

    Some preliminary ideas to add to my 'top shorts' basket are TLS above $4.60, and WSF above $14.50.

    I'm very sure of TLS, but am a bit iffy on WSF... but the idea of shorting WSF is growing on me. It's on a high earnings multiple (approaching 30x), has a crappy yield (<2%), and has large exposure to the US in terms of operations, and currency.

    I'll let the forum know when i've further developed my ideas on these and other potential shorts...
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