planet aspects for march

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    Some Aspects for Astro heads

    Important Heliocentric Aspects for March 26, 2003:-

    09:56 GMT MERCURY Sextile URANUS
    10:22 GMT MERCURY Sextile SATURN
    13:16 GMT MERCURY Ingress Taurus

    Important Geocentric Aspects for March 26, 2003:-

    00:51 GMT MOON Ingress Aquarius
    02:26 GMT MOON Semisextile URANUS
    03:06 GMT MOON Trine NORTH NODE
    10:03 GMT MOON Semisquare PLUTO
    12:49 GMT SUN Sextile MOON
    14:17 GMT JUPITER Semisquare SATURN
    16:01 GMT MOON Opposition JUPITER
    16:01 GMT MOON Sesquisquare SATURN
    17:43 GMT MERCURY Sextile NEPTUNE
    18:16 GMT VENUS Ingress Pisces
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