plan to ban oral sex ...

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    Hmmm... and no more sorcery .. b*gger !!!

    Plan to ban oral sex ...
    From correspondents in Jakarta
    September 29, 2003

    COHABITATION, oral s*x and homos*xual s*x will soon become crimes in Indonesia if the justice ministry has its way, a ministry spokesman said Monday.

    The ministry is drafting an amendment to the country's criminal code to include acts not currently categorised as crimes but considered morally unacceptable.

    These include cohabitation, oral s*x, extramarital and non-marital s*x, sorcery aimed at hurting other people and homos*xual s*x, spokesman Sukartono Supangat said.

    "It's still in its early stage. We're still collecting input from various parties and experts," he said.

    He said in addition to Dutch colonial law, the proposed amended criminal code will also adopt Islamic law, international conventions and tribal laws.

    The draft, which is still being debated, proposes that a couple found guilty of cohabitation be punished to up to two years in jail. A man who impregnates a woman but refuses to marry her could spend a maximum five years in prison.

    Sodomy and oral s*x would be punishable by between three to 12 years in jail and homos*xual s*x would be liable to punishment of between one and seven years.

    A "witch doctor" or his client found guilty of using black magic to hurt other people could spend up to five years in jail. Supangat said ministry experts are still debating ways to obtain evidence of such acts.

    Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim country but Islam is not the state religion and the country in general practises a tolerant version of the faith.

    Agence France-Presse

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