GOA 0.00% 0.2¢ gold anomaly limited

placement for artisinal zone development

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    I suspect that the placement is for a gravity separation plant and exploration via adit per the below.

    "Due to the highly variable distribution of the high gold values typically associated with deposits of this type, the
    Company is considering applying for a variation of conditions of grant of EL 1115 to drive several exploratory
    adits into the mineralised spur and carry out underground
    drilling and limited bulk testing. As well as providing
    excellent 3-?‐dimensional geological information, this will
    produce representative material to test crushing and scrubbing characteristics and permit the assessment of
    gravity separation methods to achieve maximum gold
    recovery for a possible early small-?to medium-?‐sized
    operation with which to finance accelerated exploration
    of the remainder of the Nevera Prospect and neighbouring

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