placement at 6 cents??

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    For the SWT followers......

    Want to confirm my own quick look..

    In todays announcement, does that mean the new directors get a new share an option for 6 cents? If so that might explain why the initial drop today, why pay 8 cents for just a share when the placement is done at approx 30 % less than this ( including option).

    Im thinking of buying still at the right price, but would like to know what is the size of the loss they are making now. SWT project a profit at the end of next year based on an accelerated take-up of ADSL ( that they simply re-sell from Telsta) , but who knows they might be making a loss on each new customer at the moment? ( al la ONETEL). The end of year financial results should be interesting to find out if they are making a profit on their new customers.

    Anyone done some actual research on the company have an opinion, it seems like just small trades at the moment.

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