Pima Mining

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    Hi Folks

    Despite the fact that this company 'appears' to be making progress and is making all the right noises, it is currently hovering near to its 12 month lows.

    Anyone on the forum have an opinion on this company? I am invested, and even though it is still early days, I am somewhat surprised at its continued weakness.....

    It 'looks' cheap, and certainly has directors putting their money behind it...so what is happening?

    PAL will be the lowest cost produce in the Western world if and when it gets off the ground. Obviously the Chinese are cornering the market and making it very difficult for western producers as demonstrated with a number of existing and proposed magnesium projects either closing or unable to get off the ground.

    It may be worth at least keeping in mind that a global fall out with the Chinese...and it may of course never happen (Taiwan situation for instance, and the well publicised challenges that come with dealing at times with the Chinese), may change things dramatically for Western producers.

    Disclaimer: No offence to China or Chinese people by the way!

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