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    Not wanting to start a civil war here, but I want to share my thoughts on Multiemedia

    Firstly, this isnt a negative post. I see Multiemedia as an agressive company with a few good ideas and a great knack at self promotion, but they are fast running out of runway as it comes to making profit and reporting season.

    There are two pieces of speculation that have been posted on the board in the past week. The rumour from Soulman that Woolies and MUL are about to sign an agreement, and something about Japan.

    Woolies are certainly a company that is not averse to setting up forward thinking agreements with smart companies as part of thier own value add. Did you know that in the States, Walmart has agreements with petrol stations, internet services companies, phone providers, visa cards etc etc, so it's not totally crazy that they would have some form of agreement with Mul in the wongs. But what would the agreement be? MUL are'nt an ISP, but they may perhaps be looking at some upgrades to the woolies infrastructure. I dont know enough of this sector to really look into this.

    So anyway, there there is smoke there is fire. i think that Soul man is a friend of a friend at MUL, and has mentioned the woolies deal based on some insight knowledge.

    However, they HAVE to do something soon as they cant just keep printing money every week to do things like meet payroll tax, and they cant not be doing anything . . must be something going on in that MUL factory.

    There is an excellent article in todays paper that says "day traders and back" and that the ASX is experiencing record highs . . and Multimedia is ideally being dragged up in this

    I see a trading halt coming from MUL very soon if this is a "work in progress" agreement. If it goes TH then it will confirm that indeed there is something going on that we havent been told about.

    My prediction with MUL, as much as it goes against all logic, is that it will actually stay where it is or go up based on a new announcement with "someone" or day traders going nuts. But I wouldnt bet the farm on it. however if it gets to a week from now and they just keep listing more shares on the market the market will hopefully can them.

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