Pile Driving...Pakistani technique

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    0 For those with manpower but not machinery available to them, here’s a construction technique that would be handy to know.
    Read the calculations below then click on the link at the bottom of the article to see this technique in action.

    Something to cheer up an engineer. Just to put you in the picture and keep you up to date with the latest developments
    Below is a link to a short video of a Pakistani pile driving construction technique. Notice that the pile driving becomes effective when the extra man jumps on.

    Very finely tuned! The chant is also catchy!

    Now, let's analyze the engineering here:

    6 men x 180 lbs = 1080 lbs static force.

    Jumping up and down will create a 3 times dynamic effect = 3240 lbs/jump = 1.6 ton thumps if the pile is tapered to 2 in x 2 in, cross section at the tip = 4 sq. in.

    So, dynamic pressure/thump at pile tip = 3240/4 = 800 psi.

    "Add a man" feature will increase to 950 psi, so buy the option!

    Increase the chant and dynamic force goes up to 5 times to bring max pressure/thump to 1600 psi for a 7 man team.

    Quite good, and will penetrate hard clay and sandy soil but not hard rock! Pretty ingenious.

    The foreman is the guy on the tambourine.

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