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For the most part of this year I have been working on a GE...

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    For the most part of this year I have been working on a GE project with the aim of breaking down the complexity of tenure ownership in the Pilbara Basin. I've now completed that project and I'm satisfied that it's at a level where I feel comfortable sharing with others. If you've got either GE or GE Pro installed on your Apple or Windows device, and you wish to have access to this information, please read on.

    (i)    These instructions are for Windows users only.
    (ii) "turn on" = left mouse click in the square check box, adjacent to a folder or file name in GE.
    (iii) "expand folder" = left mouse click on filled triangle symbol pointing right, adjacent to a folder name in GE. is a compressed file which contains the following two GE (kmz) files:

    Pilbara Misc.kmz
    Pilbara Tenements.kmz

    1. Save the zip file to a location on your hard drive you're familiar with.
    2. Open up both files in GE by double clicking on each file.
    3. Both files will now be residing in your GE Temporary Places folder.
    4. From GE Main Menu, select File/Save/Save My Places (shortcut Ctrl+Shift+S)
    5. Both files will now be moved to your GE Places/My Places directory.

    If you're an advanced user of GE you may want to eliminate the additional directory level created by GE for each file. Best off doing this from your Temporary Places folder - expand Pilbara Misc.kmz, select, drag and drop from Pilbara Misc to your My Places folder. Do likewise with the Pilbara Tenements.kmz file. The two empty directories in your Temporary Places folder (Pilbara Misc.kmz & Pilbara Tenements.kmz) can now be deleted. Next is to save your work by selecting Ctrl+Shift+S

    Just a few points/ information on each folder.

    Pilbara Misc contains the following folders:
    Special Category (e.g. Karijini National Park)
    Faults, Shears & Folds
    Ngarluma Traditional Land (boundary line)
    Pilbara Craton Mapping (folder contains sub-folders for parent formations e.g. De Grey Superbasin)
    Pilbara Craton Overlay DMRIS (Pilbara Craton overlay published by WA Govt)
    Pilbara Craton Overlay Novo (Pilbara Craton overlay published by Novo Resources)

    I don't recommend turning on the entire Pilbara Misc folder, since you'll only get a mass of information you'll never be able to decipher. To alter the transparency of the overlay images, expand the Pilbara Misc folder, right click on the relevant overlay name (Pilbara Craton Overlay DMRIS or Pilbara Craton Overlay Novo), slide the transparency bar in the popup window, then select OK .  Only turn on one overlay image at a time.

    Pilbara Tenements contains 99.9% of all the live and pending tenements in the Pilbara Basin. Due to the large tenure of BHP, FMG, Hancock Prospecting and Rio, I've prevented the expansion of those folders. FMG, for example, has +500 tenements, so if I allowed the directory to expand, when you click on one of FMG's tenements, the entire FMG directory of tenements would open, rendering it difficult to navigate the My Places folder.

    I selected the fill colour white as a generic shading for tenements held by individuals and the majority of Pty Ltd companies which are not related to a public listed company. Those tenements are grouped in the sub folder, Other Lease Holders. I've also created a sub folder named Ballots, which represent double pegging, awaiting ballots to be conducted by the Warden. Those tenements are filled in the colour, light grey.

    To help you decide if this information will be useful to you, I'll do a few screen dumps of some of the information contained in the GE files in followup posts. Also, I'm only going to make this information available here on DEG, however some here may wish to share this post with other members who are invested in other companies prospective for congo-hosted gold.

    Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to limit errors, however I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in the attached files. Bear in mind that this data is static, hence some data may have become out of date through the passage of time. If you do see some obvious errors, please let me know.
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