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    >>>From www.theage.com 21st October 2003 <<<

    The following abridged article on Request DSL was printed in The Age yesterday and contains positive information for its substantial shareholders Pilbara Mines (PIL) and PowerTel (PWT)...

    Gary Barker reports that Broadband is for business according to a Melbourne supplier.

    Broadband may not yet be rampant in the home , but small-to-medium Australian business has at last seen the light.

    So says Phil Sykes, chief executive of Request Broadband, a Melbourne-based independent supplier of fast DSL (digital subscriber line; broadband over the ordinary telephone lines).

    Managers are now realising that fast, and more importantly, always-on communications are a business imperative, he says.

    While Sykes clearly is pushing braodband, the figures support him. Australia lags in domestic markets but take-up by business is now better than the OECD average.

    Broadband connections have surged 143 percent in the 12 mnths since August 2002, but Telstra still only has 360,000 broadband clients compared with 1.2 million on narrowband.

    Justine Milne, managing director of Telstra's BigPond, agrees on the accelerating growth of broadband but is more upbeat about consumer growth.

    Sykes does not disagree but says Request's success is as a broadband networking company, building higher speed business to business systems and VPNs (virtual private networks) offering symmetric connections up to 2Mbps and asymmetric up to 6Mbps one way; warp speed compared with the 28kps that the normal 56k[s dial-up provides, or the 1Mps average delivered by the big cable companies.

    Since May 2000 when Sykes, formerly DSL project engineer with Telstra, won his carrier licence, Request has gained 11,000 clients [***1000 more from July 2003***] and has ample headroom in AUstralia's 800,000 small-to-medium business locations.

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