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    HOMEX - Perth

    Request, a leading wholesale broadband provider, has confirmed its
    multiservice broadband network capabilities at the Broadband
    Roundtable held at the Sydney Convention Centre today. Specifically,
    the company, with its partner Sony, demonstrated how service
    providers can today bundle voice and data services over a single
    broadband digital subscriber line (DSL) access network using a video
    conferencing application.

    Like mobile phones and VCRs, Australia has been an early adopter in
    the use of videoconferencing technologies with more than 4,500 sites
    already deployed to meet application needs in a range of vertical

    Telemedicine, distance education, remote judicial procedures and
    corporate needs, such as board meetings, press and analyst briefings
    and HR interviews, have driven the demand for visual communications -
    underscored by reduced global travel in the aftermath of September
    11. However, the growth of videoconferencing applications has been
    constrained by the high cost of traditional communications services
    such as ISDN and ATM.

    "With the costs of videoconferencing end points like the Sony PCS
    1600P coming down to sub Australian $10,000, the challenge has been
    to match this price breakthrough with an affordable ubiquitous
    network. This is why Sony is excited to be working with a broadband
    carrier like Request," said Raphael Owen, Sony Australia's Consultant
    for Videoconferencing.

    Sony's high performance videoconferencing system beams
    high-resolution images with high quality video and lip-synced audio
    either point to point or to multipoint locations simultaneously.

    Utilising Request's symmetric DSL capability, a videoconference can
    now be delivered over a broadband IP network at significantly reduced
    costs compared to current ISDN-based connections. This breakthrough
    cost saving is further enhanced by Request's ability to support
    multiple applications including, voice, corporate database access and
    Internet connection concurrently over the same broadband link.

    The trend to converged (voice and data) WANs continues with the most
    recent Infonetics (US) survey figures (October 2001) predicting the
    following utilisation by businesses:

    Small 6% 17%
    Medium 20% 38%
    Large 27% 65%

    To address similar expected growth in the Australian business market,
    Request offers service providers a complete broadband access network
    solution, that utilises existing copper loop infrastructure for
    high-speed Internet, data and voice over a single DSL-equipped line.

    "As businesses and telecommuters demand more cutting edge
    applications with faster response times, access providers must roll
    out high-performance networks that support multiple services," said
    Philip Sykes, Request CEO. "Our multiservice network, with the video
    conferencing application as just one example, provides the
    flexibility to support a range of current and future business needs.
    We intend to become the number one provider of multiservice
    WAN solutions to service providers Australiawide."

    With Request's multiservice broadband access solution, service
    providers can secure a competitive advantage in this new environment
    and increase revenues by bundling services over a single broadband
    link. This enables rapid and cost-effective delivery of services such
    as high-speed Internet access, voice over IP, virtual private
    networks and corporate remote access for voice and data without the
    need for multiple access lines.

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