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    With tonight's result in Qld, anyone who thinks we are not set to join Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain as poor white trash is living in cookooland. Our northern neighbours will buy our assets at big discounts. I'm talking about privately held assets, but who cares as long as mother hen Anna has her state owned chickens under her wing. Gillard's beef export ban give the Chinese, hated by every lefty, a smorgasbord of cheap rural assets.  But labor go into screaming fits about the fact that our  miners with a portfolio of properties worldwide aren't wholly owned here.  Who cares if our agricultural land is foreign owned. Labor has already gifted them some and that largess will continue if we continue to borrow. Creditors always get paid back, in dollars or in assets.

    I will be gone soon so all I can say to you survivors: Suck it up. You wanted it, you live with it.

    Are any of our labor supporters aware that Greece has a 60% youth unemployment rate? We all know socialist here are different and can deliver jobs. Cough, cough.

    Wanna buy a bridge?
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