VPG 0.00% $1.79 vodafone group plc.

pigs in the trough

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    smh-has article on valad,stephen day a director bought 950k
    on market for approx $100k,salary 926k bonuses743k options 1.1mill,we should all develop a little perspective here
    his big spend was approx 6.25% of gross income from vpg.

    it is no show of faith when that is all they can stump up,why should they be allowed to feed off both ends the market and the shareholder.

    the managers of our superannuation probably are not as well paid,why not pay based purely on market performance,like shorting no downside limit,benchmarked minimum.

    if they do such a good job pay them 1share as equivalent for $2-00 of income,benchmarked,that would definitely be market based performance
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