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pies pie graphs and pie picking potential

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    If we make some pie graphs (bit of a change from the numerous line graphs and occasional histogram)... and these graphs show which shareholders own/owned which pieces of which pies (the pies had been placed into the oven and pulled out at different times), how is it that some people have an uncanny knack of picking (blindly, mind you, without any hints) the right piece of pie? Not undercooked, not burned to a crisp, not one without filling? Remember, we have to pick blind-folded? ALL OF US. Some people are just so lucky at picking the right things at the right time.

    As for those Easyoffice guys, they should go back to cooking classes. MS must be so disappointed at them flogging off their pies and driving the pie prices down. Those guys must have poor pie purchasing skills. At least they were smart enough to get something for their pies. Many of our pie pieces look a bit overdone, some look like they are full of of hot air and have no filling of any sort.

    Maybe if Pensadordledoodledum (USA?) find it in their larders, they might be able to cough up some dough and we can restore our pie shop and make some new pies. Have we got any fillings yet? What? Come on head chef, just one filling would be OK..... it's not some Jester's retail outlet, we don't need 30 odd (but wait, there's more) fillings.

    Anyone able to do some pie graph representation of shareholdings? Some of you IT guys might be able to whip up a presentation. The presentation is open to a bit of artistic license, because cooking and finance it seems are both science and art it seems. We need a good pie salesman, as well.... "what was that?...OK". Apparently we have a very proficient pie sales person. Anyway, pie producers, pie graph penciling people, plod on, please.
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