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    Is it a case of the investors waiting for specific announcements.

    Not in the form of the number of airconditioners put into the new 5 star accommodation.

    Or has the speculative investor shut shop and said this is all to risky. I will only buy on positive events that actually happen.

    Its the old f...... story. Offtakes. Finance. Mine progression. Resource extension. Management.

    Simple formula really.

    All the rest is peripheral stuff of no interest to the share trader/investor. They expect the logistics to be organised and put in place.

    Is there not a MD who wishes to take on the job. Whats happening. Who would know. A new exciting company with no leader. Acting MD dont drive a project they are caretakers.
    Why did MF depart without having a successor in place. It just demonstrates the lack of an organised company structure. It desperately needs the right people and now.
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