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Picking the Low

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    Just read John Aldersley's column in the "Investor" section of Sun Herald. Here he is, bragging away about how he picked the low of the market, 1 day before the "rally" on Wall Street started. The intra-day low of 7196 on the DJIA occurred under 2 weeks ago (4 Oct).
    There's been a nice rally since then, over 1000 points, but really.....to pat yourself on the back after less than 2 weeks??? History shows us that Bear markets are interspersed with wild rallies (short lived), the reverse being true for Bull markets. Sure.....this could be a sustainable rally, but US Companies are already being downbeat for 4th Q and Ist Q 2003 earnings.
    I've always been suspicious of Aldersley....I've told a few friends not to invest large sums in his DirectPortfolio business. And who does he compare himself with in this article?? Good old Abby Joseph Cohen....now there's a big negative if ever I saw it.
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