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Pick the Opening Price Competition

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    In all seriousness, an interesting guessing competition for members.

    Today is the last day that GTP trades cuma 30c fully franked dividend.

    Shareholders who own GTP shares at close this evening may elect to recieve the 30c as cash or reinvest in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) at a 10% discount based on the weighted average price over the next 30 trading days.

    Clearly the GTP price will fall on Monday as the shares lose the entitlement.

    So the question is how well do you know market and stock behaviour.

    In theory, if I wanted to own GTP shares (which I do) to achieve the lowest entry price, would I buy today cum dividend or would I wait till the entitlment expires. Or would I buy on Monday ?

    Anyone is welcome to have a punt a/ to prove how well you know the market and b/ because I would genuinely welcome your opinions.

    Fire away!!
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Currently unlisted public company.

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