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    This document is a very good read (although quite large).


    Published in late 2007, it outlines the prospectivity of phospates accurrences around Tennant Creek.

    A quote from page 8:

    "The mineralisation in RN016930 indicates the presence
    of a thick interval of phosphate-bearing rocks within 25 km
    of the railway line. RN010533 lies about 6 km along strike
    to the south and this hole substantiates the presence of
    significant phosphorite in this area, which ranks as one of
    the most promising for further exploration, considering
    its proximity to the railway line and the thickness of its
    phosphate-bearing rocks."

    This seems to be on land under application by WGR waest of the Warrego mine. Also their numerous granted Rover tenements are only a short distance to the south of this. What is more attractive is it is all so close to Tennant creek and the railway.

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