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phoned the company.

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    Just spoke SLT and didn't find out much new but heres what they said.

    1. HEPC test kit should be commercial by July next year as per prospectus, all is on track.

    2. They have been talking with a overseas company re commercialisation of the HEPE and HEPA and hope to announce within a week. Could not find out who, which is understandable.

    3. Re Director selling was told that when a stock moves from 20c to 80c you have to expect some profits to be taken. When asked about the selling earlier and the fact that actual holdongs have not changed much I didnt really get an answer, something about changing from options to shares and vice versa. I am still not convinced re this.

    Looks like the rampers may be onto something.

    Do your own research at all times.
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