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phone call with rodney foster

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    Hello Rabbit, She and others. Just rang the company and the secretary suggested that I speak with the MD, Rodney Foster who is in Western Australia. I simply reported what was released today by the other JV partner, and he was a bit reluctant to comment. But he did say that the company "don't see it as a major part of what we are doing." I didn't let it go. I pointed out that LMP had found it important enough to announce, and that they had less of an interest in the project than does PRE- also that the sp of LMP had moved over 13% on the announcement and that we could use a bit of good news, and that PRE's sp is about 25% of LMP's....yet it was seen as good news by the market. He agreed, finally.

    Interestingly, when I pointed out the LMP sp, he was sitting on a computer, as he immediately checked that out.

    I believe that there will be a re-examination of whether an ASX ann might be forthcoming, so for anyone interested in a punt, it might well be that there will be one later today. We shall see.....
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