petrol prices...oil shortage?refinery shortage?..o

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    This petrol price is becoming a joke.There is no oil shortage,the refineries are still working,there is an economic downturn,so why the price hike???
    It will stay up until we give the go ahead for the BIG OIL BOYS to take the oil from the Iraqis'.Financial pressure,turn the screws,make the voters scream;just give me cheap petrol and you can do what you like in Iraq.
    How about our polies;don't they jump in when there is an oil shortage or petrol strike and limit the fuel we can get.Odds and even days etc.
    Its obvious that there isn't an oil shortage,but a refusal to supply by the oil majors until we agree to attack Iraq.
    Where does that put Howard?His hands are dirty and so are Downers.We are being bludgeoned into a decision like the rest of the world.
    God help Australia if iron ore suddenly becomes a new fuel;Rumsfeld will arrive on the next plane.
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