petrol at $1 a litre in january

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    With petrol prices at the pump expected to reach $1 a litre as soon as next month, Indcor is looking more and more attractive.

    The ASX listed ethanol additive maufacturer has positioned itself to take advantage of the imminently short supplied and consequently higher priced petrol currently available.

    The strike in Venuezuela is now entering its fourth week, with little sign of abating. Calls have been made for the USA to begin releasing the Strategic Oil Reserves, and a world-wide shortage of fossils fuels looms. With war against Iraq now imminent, and a second front on the Korean Peninsula likely, shortages of petrol and diesel now look certain.

    Australia allows ethanol additive to petrol, with some states (eg. NSW) allowing upto 20% by volume.

    The benefit to the environment is substantial, plus the saving in foreign exchange is enormous.

    Indcor is poised to become one of the stand-out performers on the ASX in 2003.

    Remember, you heard it here first.

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