perth basin

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    Spoke to John Begg MD of VOY. Mentelle to be drilled next. Moondah will not be drilled. Vindara highly likely to be drilled. CH4 will be drilled to confirm reserves at CH for banking approval for production. This is because of unusual shape of structure. Mentelle and Vindara aim to be satellites. Mentelle said to be 30 to 50M OIP but could be up to 150 on another interpretation. The dice might roll the right way on that one seeing as TL didnt.Whether CH4 or Vindara drilled first after Mentelle will depend on progress in analysing CH3 core samples to determine best location of CH4.

    VOY will not be raising more money apart from through exercise of what will be in the money options already issued(all going well of course). TL may have oil in part of structure but JV partners very unlikely to drill again there as what could be there would be unlikely to be of commercial quantity.

    Good luck to all holders of Perth basin stocks.
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