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    You have to admit this has been entertaining.

    While I understand some may think this has the appearance of a Nigerian type bait and switch, keep 'em on the hook scam (I think I'm one of those people),( I loved the oil refinery thing) why in Gods name did they go for another placement.

    Surely they knew based on past experience what it would do to the share price. Unless MS has a gun pointed to his head, this is not the move of someone who is trying to keep suckers on the hook.

    Surely you keep baffling the punters with BS as long as you can. Why slaughter the lamb now ? Why would management want to demoralize the faithful. Pump and Dump ? I believe is the colourful term. Possibly but even the most inept con artist knows to use his bluntest instrument judiciously.

    Like I said, entertaining. Would love to be a fly on the wall just so I can write the mini series. I continue to hold on blindly. (No mortgage emboldens the meek)
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