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    To put some perspective on the issue of "incentive options' to Mr. Montague consider this. The value stated from the company for "total financial benefit" is about 45% of the value of all the current shares out there. That does not consider the many $millions he will make if he does his job and progresses the company. That is a huge income for a director who currently holds nil shares in a company that doesn't really seem to produce anything but reports and dreams.

    If they hadn't screwed up the first mailed out forms,that had to be re-sent, they could have enclosed a return envelope for the proxies. I don't think there is a way to vote on the net as many companies now have. So much for their "developed on line processes" and "the company's internet models". At least I can send my two proxie forms (private and SMSF) back in one envelope. It will only cost me the value of about 10 shares. I wonder how many will be lost in the mail?
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