personal : to gominer only, please

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    << are you the same Henrik who works for VCR? >>

    Unfortuatnely the Hot Copper site has no "Personal Message facility" or I would have said the following to you in private.

    gominer - You are a right royal pain in the backside.

    Your "contributions" are of no value to serious investors.

    In a nice way I did give you a pointed hint in Post #101775 which contained (in part) this wording:
    "As VCR is moving forward it is time we lift the level of conversation in this forum regarding Ventracor and VentrAssist(TM).'
    This hour by hour commentary, guessing game of share price direction, so called 'insider The Alfred Hospital' information, name calling etc. does little to get the real stock talents to participate on this board."

    .............but clearly you just don't get it.

    I have never said that I worked for VCR and indeed I have never done so. That is something you made up. I'm a shareholder and I have made it my business to get a good understanding of cardiac decease's.

    You, due to your lack of comprehension, could in your own mind have formed the opinion that I worked for VCR due to the fact that when I do post, I have in most cases done a good deal of research or DD as it is also known as and I'm prepared to share this with others in order to get a sensible conversation / debate going.

    gominer - you are not part of that.
    You had the opportunity but you failed to raise to the job.

    You are on ignore.
    Go ahead and blast you top off with the full understanding that I'll not be reading whatever you have to say.

    Once again, I do regret to have to do this to you in public.

    In parting let me give you this advice :
    Get yourself a life
    Ask a medical professional for assistance
    Your condition can be treated

    ........ and you can live happily ever after and coexist with others in cyberspace.

    All the best.
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